Ministries (Higher Lord Cabinet)

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Environment  - led by the Minister of Environment, is responsible for helping establish protected environment zones, parks, and assisting in environmental laws into the Kadeliort. The Minister can establish a national park with the consent of a ⅔ majority from the Kadeliort and Higher Lord. The Minister also would need to help aid farmers of Posaf letting them begin a farm and selling people food with the PDU.

  • Ministry of Culture - led by the Minister of Culture, is responsible for maintaining the culture of Posaf (ii) and finding new ways to integrate it with the citizens. (iii) The Minister of Culture often aids the Kadelieort on when cultural holidays regarding religion should be established, observed, and celebrated. (iv)The Minister is also appoints the head of the Church of Posaf, (v) under the Monarch consent.

  • Ministry of Education  - led by the Minister of Education, is responsible for the education in Posaf, and administering schools set up in Posaf. If a school registers they must go through a process where they submit an application to the House of Commons in which they vote a yes/no. If it is a no it is repealed and if voted yes it goes to the Minister to review for official approval. They may set up regulations the school must have, and to present to the House of Commons in if school taxing is needed.

  • Ministry of Finance  - led by the Minister of Finance, is responsible for the Bank of Posaf, and the economic affairs and trade for the nation. The Minister is head of the bank and

  • Ministry of Foreign Relations - led by the Minister of Foreign Relations is responsible for the foreign affairs and representation the nation to the world.

  • Ministry of Government Communications  - led by the Minister of Gov Communications, is responsible for Communicating to the public of the Government decisions

  • Ministry of Immigration - led by the Minister of Immigration the ministry is responsible for immigration and tourism services as well as confirming the applications of citizens.

  • Ministry of State Security - led by the Chief of Defence, is responsible for protecting the nation from a domestic or a foreign attack

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