Welcome to the Government website of Posaf!

Welcome to the official government site for the Principality of Posaf, which is more commonly known as Posaf. With our website, you can find everything you need to know from History, Citizenship to general Fun Facts about our strong and peaceful nation. 

What does Posaf do?


What does Posaf do? What do we stand for? What even is Posaf? Who are we anyway? Well, Posaf is a micronation or a self-declared independent state to outsiders. Posaf was made for better basic social equality with combating racism, homophobia and closing the left and right wing divide. We currently have a main land claim outside of Cincinnati Ohio, and Baghdad Iraq, with others all around the world. All Posafians coexist with one another, and it helps drive us forward!


64 happy citizens


from 15 countries


who passed a total of 18 laws


that live under 1 unified nation



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